Our cross-disciplinary team is committed to scaling clean energy

We are a team with diverse experience and expertise spanning software engineering, data science, architecture, and business.

Kevin Berkemeyer

Director of Station A

“By leveraging software and data analytics, I believe we can change the way that clean energy projects are developed, significantly reducing time and costs and enabling the scaling of clean energy.”

Kevin is Director of Station A, responsible for Station A’s overall strategy, operations, and execution. Kevin’s clean energy industry experience spans project development, business development, customer analytics and trading. Prior to Station A, Kevin started and led First Solar’s China and Thailand businesses, where he built-up the local offices and developed utility-scale solar projects. He began his career in customer analytics and trading at the retail energy startup Juice Energy in New York City. Kevin received a bachelor’s degree in economics from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and an MBA from the MIT Sloan School of Management. At MIT, he was Co-President of the MIT Energy Club, worked on solar and storage projects with ARPA-E, Tesla, and Conservacion Patagonica, and was a Research Assistant on the Future of Solar Study published by the MIT Energy Initiative.

Manos Saratsis

Head of Product

“Location-sensitive deployment of distributed energy technologies will maximize benefits for energy users, alleviate the pain points of the grid, and pave the way towards a clean energy future.”

Manos leads product strategy and product development for Station A. He is a software engineer with a background in energy modeling and geospatial analytics. Manos has extensive experience designing and developing software systems to evaluate the impact of distributed energy technologies on buildings, cities, and the electrical grid. A graduate from MIT, Manos received a Master of Science in Urbanism and Building Technology while conducting research at the MIT Sustainable Design Lab. He has published numerous papers on energy modeling and its implications for urban planning and design.

Sam Steyer

Head of Analytics

“I want to be part of the effort to confront the global challenge of Climate Change, and am particularly excited to help develop technology for the challenge in California.”

Sam leads analytics and modeling for Station A. He focuses on data quality and data estimation, building models for the electricity system and the rules that govern it, and generating smarter inferences and recommendations for our users over time. He holds an M.A. in Computational Math from Stanford and an A.B. in Applied Math from Harvard. He previously worked on data systems for energy and natural resources at AutoGrid Systems, The 2Seeds Network, and Advanced Energy Economy. He grew up in San Francisco.

Jeremy Lucas

Head of Engineering

“I believe that with Station A’s combination of domain knowledge in energy and the computational power and scale of modern software and data systems, we can both practically and effectively make an impact on the global energy industry.”

Jeremy leads software engineering and infrastructure for Station A. He comes from a background in software engineering, having worked for various companies in the digital retail and advertising industries in addition to teaching a part-time introductory programming course. In this time, he has acquired around a decade of professional experience in building and maintaining large-scale distributed data storage and processing systems. As a hobbyist, he has also applied his expertise in distributed systems to open source contributions in various projects including Apache Kafka, Apache Spark, and his own projects as well.

Denise Rivas

Software Engineer

“I want to make sustainable energy accessible to all levels of society, in every corner of the world, in an efficient and simple way. I strive to make society conscious of its impact and energy needs, and give it a solution that taps our renewable resources without compromising our future.”

Denise is a Software Engineer for Station A. She develops and designs features for the Station A platform, and works across the Product, Engineering and Analytics areas to execute on product development milestones and releases. A graduate from MIT, she double majored in Civil Engineering and Economics. Denise was born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela and has a strong interest in the clean-tech energy industry in both the US and internationally.

Samantha Derrick

Team Operations Manager

“Sustainable energy and food systems are vital for both current and future generations. It is no longer optional, but essential to develop clean, transparent solutions to current systems that are responsible for copious amounts of environmental degradation and exploitation.”

Samantha is the team operations manager at Station A where she oversees operations of the organization to improve team performance, productivity, and efficiency. She graduated from UC Berkeley where she double majored in Environmental Economics and Policy and Society and Environment. She has worked in the environmental field both domestically and internationally, including Hawaii, Alaska, and India, and is interested in clean energy and food systems.