Station A For Buyers

Maximize the financial and environmental potential of your portfolio.

🪄 Evaluate your portfolio

Auto-magically evaluate your sites' financial and environmental potential with our world-class portfolio review starting with just a list of addresses.


🔬 Qualify your high-priority sites

Enlist Station A’s team of technical experts to collect more granular data for your top sites.

Evaluation fee varies by site

🚀 List your project in the marketplace

Enjoy a simplified, digital proposal process that collects competitive bids from our network of 2,000+ vetted providers.

Listing fee varies by project

🏆 Select the best bid

Have confidence in your clean energy decisions by selecting a provider with as little or as much advice as you want from our team of advisors.

No upfront fee

Upon a successful project match, Station A charges the winning provider a nominal transaction fee. The fee is based on the size of the project (KW) and is published prior to bidding. This fee is expected to be included in the total project fee from the winning provider and ultimately paid for by the buyer upon a successful contract between both parties.

Station A For Providers

Transform your project origination process.

⭐️ Source highly-qualified projects

We do the heavy lifting of buyer and site qualification so you can feel confident that any project listed on our marketplace has a high chance of moving forward.


🥇 Add primed projects to your pipeline

If selected in the marketplace process, Station A facilitates a project kickoff with buyers ready to contract.

Transaction fee varies by project

A transaction fee based on the project size (KW) is charged to providers upon a successful project match, a portion due upfront and the remainder due upon a successful contract between both parties. This fee is published prior to bidding and is expected to be included in the total project fee ultimately assumed by the buyer.

🦾 Power your origination with good data

Use Station A data to explore markets, analyze sites, and digitize your origination process.

$199/user/month or $1,999/user/year